• Image of 'Cuckold'
  • Image of 'Cuckold'

Founded in 1917 by Albert Morris, in his home village of Lifton, Devon, the Ambrosia creamery was best known for the branded strapline "Devon knows how they make it so creamy".

The Ambrosia creamery began as a rich food for infants, reported to have been the first company to start making creamed rice pudding ready to eat from a tin. Following the outbreak of war, Albert's product 'soon came to the attention of the British military, who took significant quantities for its soldiers, still fighting World War I' where it was sent by way of 'Red Cross food parcels'.

The metaphorical use of horns refers to the term 'cuckold', which historically refers to 'a symbol of unawareness and suffering the infidelity of a partner'. Satirical tales, such as Chaucer's 'Miller's Tale', along with several of Shakespeare's poems make reference to the failure of characters, who may suspect they had become a cuckold. Illustrated by the wearing of horns as an 'embarrassingly direct' reference to one's inability to control their partner, the provocative symbol of horns reference defeated stags, who are forced to give up their mates to the new alpha male.

'In evolutionary biology, the term 'cuckold' is also applied to males who are unwittingly investing parental effort in offspring that are
not genetically their own', as witnessed through female cuckoo's who lay their eggs in other birds' nests.

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Dimensions: H 88cm W 35cm D 23cm

Mixed Media:
Vintage Composition Doll,
Vintage 'Ambrosia' Tin,
Roe Deer Horns,
Vintage Posser's,
Vintage Bun Tins,
Vintage Cake Tin,
4 x 15W Coloured Bayonet Cap Pygmy Lamps,
Old English Antique Brass Bayonet Cap Lamp holders,
3 Core Dark Brown Silk Covered Flexible Cable,
Junction Box,
Tough Plug fitted with a 3 Amp Fuse,
Threaded Bar,
Copper Pipe,
Various Nuts, Bolts, and Washers,
PAT Tested.

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