• Image of 'Dewdrop'
  • Image of 'Dewdrop'

The warm, seductive, crimson colours of the illustrated landscape of 'Dewdrop' recalls a scene from the moral, fairy tale 'The Garden of Paradise', by Hans Christian Andersen. Published in October 1839, this literary tale tells the story of a prince, who, on his quest for knowledge is transported by the east wind to Eden, where his moral strength is put to the test by a beautiful princess.

The prince is taken by the princess to the Tree of Knowledge, from which Adam and Eve had plucked and eaten the forbidden fruit. 'With drooping branches, from which hung golden apples, from each leaf trickled a bright red dewdrop, as if the tree were weeping tears of blood for their sin.'

Wanting to stay in the Garden of Paradise, the princess first asks the prince to go back home with the east wind, where she would visit him each evening in his dreams, to challenge the prince's strength of temptation and resistance. Advising the prince that she would try and tempt him to follow her and kiss her lips, she warns the prince that if he was to be seduced by his desires there would be grave consequences, that the garden of paradise would sink into the earth, it would be lost to him forever and "sorrow and woe be your future lot".

In the prince's dreams the Tree of Knowledge "no longer wept tears of blood, for the dewdrops shone like glittering stars". Swept away with beauty, when seeing the princess lay asleep beneath the Tree of Knowledge with tears in her eyes, he kisses her tears away and the garden of paradise sunk into the earth.

But the garden was not lost unto the prince forever, for Death was watching the prince wander about the world, watching to see if the prince would atone for his sin. If the prince lived his life in a good and pious way he would be raised and admitted to a happier life, as beautiful as the Garden of Paradise, beyond the stars, but if the prince's thoughts were bad and his heart full of sin, he would sink with his coffin deeper than the Garden of paradise had sunk.

Source references:
1. http://www.hca.gilead.org.il/paradise.html

Dimensions: H 54cm x W 21cm x D 21cm

Mixed Media:
Vintage Composition Doll,
Vintage Dew Drop tin,
Vintage Ringtons Tea Caddy,
Vintage Copper Posser,
Vintage Bun Tin,
Bayonet Cap Pygmy Lamps,
Brass Bayonet Cap Lamp holders,
3 Core Dark Brown Silk Covered Flexible Cable,
Junction Box,
Tough Plug fitted with a 3 Amp Fuse,
Various Nuts, Bolts, and Washers,
PAT Tested.

Please be advised:

Though these assemblage sculptures contain vintage doll components that may have once been played with by children, this piece is not a toy to be played with.

As with all bulbs, they get hot! I use low 15 wattage bulbs on each piece but the bulbs still shed heat, so be advised to display your piece in a suitable location.

Overseas Enquiries:

For an overseas shipping quote please contact me by email

Also note - as these sculptures operate on UK voltage (220-240 V 50 Hz) you will need a voltage converter to use them overseas.