• Image of 'Jolly Joey & his Circus Sea Lions'
  • Image of 'Jolly Joey & his Circus Sea Lions'

'Jolly Joey & his Circus Sea Lions' is a miniature, illuminated, circus assemblage piece.

Dimensions: L 37cm x W 27cm x D 8cm

Mixed Media:
Vintage Wade Whimsey Sea Lions,
Vintage Wooden Cotton Bobbins,
Vintage Miniature Cake Cutter,
Vintage Miniature Chocolate Tin,
Vintage Wooden Rulers,
Vintage Tape Measure,
Vintage Wooden Box,
Various Papers,
Brass Wall Fastenings,
4 x 15W Coloured Bayonet Cap Pygmy Lamps,
Old English Antique Brass Bayonet Cap Lamp holders,
3 Core Dark Brown Silk Covered Flexible Cable,
Junction Box,
Tough Plug fitted with a 3 Amp Fuse,
Various Screws, Tack Pins and Hooks,
PAT Tested.

Please be advised:

Though these assemblage sculptures contain vintage doll components that may have once been played with by children, this piece is not a toy to be played with.

As with all bulbs, they get hot! I use low 15 wattage bulbs on each piece but the bulbs still shed heat, so be advised to display your piece in a suitable location.

Overseas Enquiries:

For an overseas shipping quote please contact me by email

Also note - as these sculptures operate on UK voltage (220-240 V 50 Hz) you will need a voltage converter to use them overseas.

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