• Image of 'Memory Lane'
  • Image of 'Memory Lane'
  • Image of 'Memory Lane'

'Memory Lane' was a 1950's bowling themed pinball machine, which was 1 of 2,624 units produced by Stern, in America, in 1978.

Selected for its age, vintage aesthetic condition and because the electro-mechanical components were no longer working, this 'Memory Lane' playfield and cabinet was commissioned to be repurposed and transformed into an illuminated functional coffee table and magazine rack.

First the electro-mechanical components were stripped out, removing the bulk of the weight. These precious component parts, were offered to local pinball restorers.

The client commissioned the original cabinet to be cut, to even-up the dimensions of the cabinet, creating a symmetrical table shape.
The once tilted pinball cabinet was then levelled as a table top.

The cabinet was then fitted with a wooden magazine rack and trimmed with aluminium, which replaced the area where the machines back-box scoreboard was removed.

The machines original legs were altered to coffee table size.

The machine was then fitted with a 3 core dark brown silk covered flexible cable, attached to a tough plug, fitted with a 3 Amp Fuse, attached to a junction box, and connected to a circuit of long life,
warm white, twinkling LED lamps; 6 of the 40 LED bulbs twinkle.

Dimensions: H60cm x W60cm x L135cm

* Please be advised that this piece is a repurposed pinball machine which no longer functions to be played and appreciated for its aesthetics, history and memory of the pinball machine.

* At the time of being purchased for repurpose, the machine was 35 years old. This machine has not been restored, it was purchased for a client who appreciates the natural wear and tear that comes with age. Though such wear and tear adds to the aesthetics of this vintage piece, it does not effect the stability of its structure.

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