• Image of 'Mobo the Phosphorescent Pony Rocker'
  • Image of 'Mobo the Phosphorescent Pony Rocker'

'Mobo toys were made by D. SEBEL & CO., in Erith, Kent, from 1947 to 1972.

As recorded on the website: http://www.dspedalcars.com/mobo_history.html, the history of MOBO is documented as follows:

'David Sebel had emigrated from Russia circa 1912 and set up in partnership as a Wheelwright in East London in 1921. In 1928 he moved the Company to Lant Street in the Borough, London S.E.1 with the take over of a firm, Hazeldine & Norton, of Wheelwright's & Motor Body and Van Builders. Interestingly the house next to the premises had been the residence of Charles Dickens when his parents were in the Marshalsea Debtor's Prison.

In the 1930's they expanded into Architectural metalwork and other engineering projects. Also producing street cleaning carts, milk churns and fronts for Cinemas. In 1931 Harry Sebel, David's son, joined the firm starting from the bottom up. During the Second World War the Company turned over to war work and several local premises were used for their production of aircraft and tank components, bunks for air raid shelters, bailey bridge components and even a tower for an experimental radar station.

In the early 1940's Harry was looking to the future and realised that they're would be a need to expand the company and find work for the existing workforce and those which had been called up. After much research it was decided to go into metal furniture, under the Trade name Stak-a-Bye and into the toy business. But what to make which would be different from anyone else. Harry had the idea of a Rocking Horse which the rider could propel along themselves. Later Charles Morewood, RA was commissioned to sculpt the clay body of what became the Mobo Bronco. The other toys on show were Merry Go Round, Rocker Swing, Chair Desk and Roll-a-Bye Skates.

The name 'Mobo' came from a brain-storming session when 'Mobile Toys' had been rejected. The clown on the decal was due to an interest in the Circus by the David Sebel. The Circus theme was used in a lot of their Exhibition Stands and advertising. A tin clown was designed but never went into production.

In 1949 the 'Walking SNAIL' was introduced at the New York Toy Fair, also at the same fair the 'PONY' was first shown. The 'Pony' pressings went on to be used on several different toys - PONY ROCKER, PIONEER WAGON, PONY EXPRESS, PONY KART, PONY BUGGY, SURREY TROTTER, TODDLE PONY.'

Dimensions: H 104cm x W 101cm x D 39cm

Mixed Media:
Vintage 'Mobo' Rocking Pony,
Diamond Lamp Cage,
Copper Pipe and Copper Reducers,
40W Squirrel Cage Bulb,
Antique Brass E27 lamp holder,
Zinc 10mm threaded tube/nipple
Red & white Round Fabric Braided Flexible Cable,
Plug fitted with a 13 Amp Fuse,
Various Nuts, Bolts, and Washers,
PAT Tested.

* Please be advised that this piece is a repurposed Mobo rocker Pony, which no longer functions to be played.

* This item has not been restored, it has been selected for the appreciation of its natural patina. Though such wear adds to the aesthetics of this vintage piece, it does not effect the stability of its structure.

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