• Image of 'Playing with Fire'
  • Image of 'Playing with Fire'

The idiom 'Playing with Fire', is a term used to describe someone who is interacting with something or someone, in which the situation could become dangerous, destructive or addictive.

In relation to the impulse-control disorder Pyromania, which is characterized by a person who has a deliberate, recurrent compulsion to set fires, distinct from Pyrophilia; which is of a sexual nature, or Arson; where a person sets fires for the pursuit of personal, monetary or political gain, 'Playing with Fire' focuses on child Pyromania.

A child pyromaniac is noted as the most rare form of fire setting. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) outlines six standards that must be met for a child to be officially diagnosed with pyromania:

1. The child had to have set more than one fire deliberately.
2. Before setting the fire, the child must have felt some feelings of tension or arousal.
3.The child must show that he or she is attracted to fire and anything related to fire.
4.The child must feel a sense of relief or satisfaction from setting the fire and witnessing it.
5.The child does not have other motives like revenge, financial motives, delusions or brain damage for setting the fire.
6.This fire setting problem cannot be attributed to other disorders like anti-social personality disorder or conduct disorders.

Freudian psychoanalysis of pyromania reasoned that fire setting was an archaic desire to gain power over nature and believed by Freud to be driven by male perpetrators, who are in denial of their instinctual drive to put out fires, by urinating on them.

* The title and the story of this piece is rolled, in a scroll, and is accessible from within the sculpture.

Dimensions: H 122cm W 47cm D 25cm

Mixed Media:
Vintage Composition Doll,
Vintage 'Pratts' Oil Can,
Vintage Lloyds Bondman Tobacco Tin,
Vintage Brass 'Pyrene' Fire Extinguisher,
Vintage Wheel,
Vintage Bun Tins,
Vintage Funnel,
Vintage Loaf Tin
Copper Pipe,
Brass Stop Ends,
6 x E10 LED Cabachon Lamps,
1 x 18W 24V LED Transformer
3 Core Dark Brown Silk Covered Flexible Cable,
Junction Box,
Tough Plug fitted with a 3 Amp Fuse,
Threaded Bar,
Copper Pipe, Brass Stop Ends & Copper Olive,
Various Nuts, Bolts, and Washers,
PAT Tested.

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