• Image of 'Saints & Sinners'
  • Image of 'Saints & Sinners'

Ogden's Tobacco Company is recorded to have been founded by Thomas Ogden, in 1860, where he opened a small retail shop in Park Lane, Liverpool. His success is recorded as having lead him to establish several branches throughout the city, and in his sixth year, it is documented that he opened his own factory in St James' Street, to manufacture his own tobacco. In 1870, it is reported that he opened additional premises on Cornwallis Street and by 1890 Ogden is listed as having had six factories based in Liverpool. His factory at Boundary Lane, built in 1899, still stands today.

With reference to John Barber's published works on social and local British history, based upon his own research Barber makes a Benedictine connection with Ogden's of Liverpool. Referring to Ogden's "marketing ploy using the theme of saints in tobacco advertising campaigns", such as the slogan "St Bruno, the patron saint of tobacco", Barber links Ogden's 'St Bruno' tobacco; introduced in 1896 and the 'St Julien' tobacco; introduced in 1898, to Henna de Massey; the third Baron of Dunham, who, in 1150, "bequeathed land on the Wirral to the Benedictine monks".

Barber reports how the Benedictine monks built Birkenheod Priory on the Wirral, which he believes the ruins were "possibly still visible from the other side of the Mersey at the time when Ogdens were establishing their tobacconist shops". Barber documents how the crossing of the Wirral, at that point, is still sometimes referred to as the 'Monks Ferry'.

In contrast to Ogden's saintly side, the sinning takes reference from the metaphorical use of horns and the term 'cuckold', which historically refers to 'a symbol of unawareness and suffering the infidelity of a partner'. Satirical tales, such as Chaucer's 'Miller's Tale', along with several of Shakespeare's poems make reference to the failure of characters, who may suspect they had become a cuckold. Illustrated by the wearing of horns as an 'embarrassingly direct' reference to one's inability to control their partner, the provocative symbol of horns reference defeated stags, who are forced to give up their mates to the new alpha male.

'In evolutionary biology, the term 'cuckold' is also applied to males who are unwittingly investing parental effort in offspring that are
not genetically their own', as witnessed through female cuckoo's who lay their eggs in other birds' nests.

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Dimensions: H 58cm W 38cm D 21cm

Mixed Media:
Vintage Composition Doll,
Vintage 'Ogden's' Tin,
Vintage Flan Tin,
Vintage Posser,
Vintage Patty Tin,
Pair of Roe Deer Horns,
Vintage Loaf Tin,
3 x E14 LED Cabachon Lamps,
1 x 18W 24V LED Transformer
3 Core Dark Brown Silk Covered Flexible Cable,
Black Plug fitted with a 3 Amp Fuse,
Threaded Bar,
Various Nuts, Bolts, and Washers,
PAT Tested.

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