• Image of 'Share and Share Alike'
  • Image of 'Share and Share Alike'

'Share and Share Alike' is a precarious tale of sharing.

Sharing a bond deeper than ordinary siblings, 'Share and Share Alike' is based upon the rare phenomenon of monochorionic twins, which are monozygotic; meaning identical twins that develop from one zygote, that splits and forms two embryos, and share the same placenta. But to grow, remain healthy, and most importantly survive, the twins must share the both the space in their mothers womb as well as their mothers nutrients, to give each other a healthy chance of survival.

Reflecting on the idiomatic expression 'taking the lions share' derived from Aesop's fables, an allegorical tale in which a lion claims the best, largest portion of the spoil, after hunting with a number of other beasts, brings to mind Darwin's theory of natural selection and the survival of the fittest.

Vanishing Twin Syndrome is a term which defines the loss of a twin in the early stages of pregnancy, that is reabsorbed into the mother’s body, disappearing without a trace. In Utero Siblicide is a term to describe the murder of one sibling by another, while both being in the womb. As is the case with sand tiger shark embryos, which develop teeth and an appetite half way through gestation, the largest of the babies attack and eat their smaller siblings within the uterus, leaving just two pups to be born.

Though this appears a particularly gruesome example of siblicide and a rare form of cannibalism within the womb, the practice of cannibalism and the killing of one’s siblings, isn’t as rare in nature as we might like to believe.

Dimensions: H 55cm W 35cm D 23cm

Mixed Media:
Vintage Composition Doll,
Vintage ' Thornes' Newcream Toffee Tin,
Vintage Posser,
Vintage Patty Pan Tins,
Vintage Dariole Tins,
Vintage Bun Tin,
4 x 15W Coloured Bayonet Cap Pygmy Lamps,
Old English Antique Brass Bayonet Cap Lamp holders,
3 Core Dark Brown Silk Covered Flexible Cable,
Junction Box,
Tough Plug fitted with a 3 Amp Fuse,
Wooden Dowel,
Various Nuts, Bolts, and Washers,
PAT Tested.

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